Village Core, Yateley Sandhurst

  • Residential care
  • 85,00 square feet - 36 Care beds, 14 Close Care Units and 24 Linked Assisted Living Units
  • 3 storey load bearing masonry construction with piled foundation

Services Provided

Structural, Civil, Infrastructure, Drainage, BIM,

Following the severe weather in 2010 with domestic and commercial properties being flooded and fields becoming temporary lakes the planning authority considered in their Strategic Housing Land Assessment that this land was ‘undevelopable due to flooding’.

Farrow Walsh were invited to review the constraints and resolve the surface water drainage in a collaborative approach with design team members, Hart District Council and the Environment Agency.

This work was followed by an assessment of the surface water drainage to the entire site to assist with future development that resulted in planning permission being obtained for a continuing care residential village.

3-D modelling of the central Village Core Building was undertaken in collaboration with the Architects Model and incorporating m and e services. 9 models were produced in total.

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