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About Us

Design led, structural and civil engineering agency with a difference. The difference lies in our heritage and the breadth of experience offered by our team.

  • Established in 2009 Farrow Walsh are able to demonstrate through the extensive experience of our team a wide ranging portfolio of projects of varying scale across diverse sectors. We have a reputation for delivering design led structural and civil engineering solutions in a timely and cost effective manner.

    Our practice is committed to realising the design potential for the built environment using the latest construction techniques and materials, with a strong commitment to sustainable design. With a growing team operating from our current offices in Leicester, we aim to get things built via our fresh collaborative approach to provide innovative solutions whatever the challenge.

  • Projects include large scale residential developments, commercial, healthcare, hotels, private residential properties, education, leisure, cultural buildings, regeneration¬†and retail schemes throughout the UK and overseas.

    We are also experienced in the conservation of historic buildings and extensive remedial and refurbishment work together with a number of complex and structurally demanding specialist projects such as bridges, sculptures and medieval weaponry.

    Recognising the important role of the engineer as a member of the design and construction team, we are often appointed, prior to the acquisition stage so that we can contribute and in many cases enhance the project to produce innovative solutions.

  • The challenge presented by our clients is welcomed and we willingly invest time to fully understand the project constraints such that we can anticipate and resolve issues quickly and cost effectively. Whatever the demands of our clients, or their projects, we remain deeply committed to meeting their full needs through the delivery of the highest quality of service.

    With both civil and structural engineering expertise underpinning our practice we are able to provide fully integrated solutions for any project and as a result we have worked with many of the leading architectural practices, developers, contractors and interior designers.

  • From free hand sketches to the latest 3D design techniques and Building Information Modelling (BIM) our team is highly skilled at all elements of the drawing process and ensure that our client can fully visualise and test proposed solutions.

    Our team is highly skilled and experienced.  We invest heavily in training to ensure that they are fully versed in the latest developments and techniques, enabling us to operate at the forefront of our profession.

    Transparency and honesty is everything to us and it remains that we are committed to delivering ahead of programme and within budget where possible.