Farrow Walsh embraces Growth Through People report recommendations

In support of the recent Growth Through People report, Farrow Walsh is looking to lead the charge on skills development through the adoption of ‘earning for learning’ routes.

The recent intake at the growing company of a number of graduates and apprentices has had the effect of improving workplace productivity with an increased focus on better job design as well as increased employee engagement.

The Growth Through People report published recently shows that urgent action must be taken to improve skill levels and how they are developed in order to boost productivity, wages and social mobility.

The report calls for employers to lead the way and highlights the fact that the workplace is changing at a faster rate than it ever has done before. The report states there are 5 priorities for action:

– Employers should lead on skills
– Improving workplace productivity should be recognised as the key route to increasing pay and productivity
– ‘Earning and learning’ should be the gold standard in vocational education
– Education and employers should be better connected
– Success should not just be measured by educational achievement.

Chris Farrow, managing director at Farrow Walsh echoes the influence of employee engagement, ‘the old career paths are either vanishing or becoming much harder to navigate by people achieving real results not exam results. Encouragingly, new career paths are emerging, but they are far from achieving the scale and accessibility that’s needed to make a difference for enough people and to the economy at large. The imperative is therefore stronger than ever to establish quality vocational pathways as a preferred alternative’.

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