Farrow Walsh diversifies into District Heating design

Farrow Walsh Consulting has recently diversified into providing design services on District Heating and Community heating systems.

District heating or community heating is the use of a centralised heat source, often housed in an ‘energy centre’, to provide heating to a number of buildings. Heat sources may include boilers, combined heat and power (CHP), heat pumps and solar thermal systems.

The types of development that are suitable for district heating systems include apartment blocks, housing estates, retail parks and office complexes. Since Farrow Walsh is heavily involved in all of these development types, the need to look at offering these solutions to clients was an obvious expansion of the services provided.

Continued investment in workforce training has been the key to realising this opportunity to support the established energy providers nationally in their delivery of long-term investment that improves infrastructure and the standard of living for people and communities in towns and cities.

Farrow Walsh director, Chris Farrow confirmed that training provided by one of the industries main global energy companies with their focus on providing better energy efficiency to customers has enabled them to diversify the traditional roles and services offered previously.

Chris went on to emphasise that this is part of the continued growth strategy of the company. He said: ‘We are continuously looking at how we can meet client needs and better our services. With planning regulations, government requirements and budgetary controls changing continuously, we have to be able to adapt out offer to our clients requirements and those of the marketplace.’

For more information on district heating and community heating systems, please contact us here.

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