Engines of War assessed by Farrow Walsh

Farrow Walsh are involved with an extensive number of different projects, but when asked to review ‘engines of war’ at Caerphilly Castle; this proved to be one of the more unusual ones.

The Castle is one of the largest medieval fortresses in Britain, begun in 1268 by the Anglo-Norman marcher lord, Gilbert de Clare. Concentrically planned, the rings of stone and water defences are formidable even today.

Part of the attraction is a display of medieval siege weapons including a Mangonel, a Trebouche, a Balluta and  Perrier.  All of these are various catapult type weapons used to defend the castle including one that was used to catapult cows.

The team at Farrow Walsh assessed the safety of these weapons before they could be used as part of the annual demonstration and re-enactments held at the Castle.

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