BIM (building information modelling) has transformed the architecture, building and engineering industries by maximising the structural efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a design proposal.

As BIM consultants, we have successfully deployed this technology on numerous developments around the UK, including student accommodation, care homes and apartments. As the technology becomes more accessible, BIM is now being deployed on small-scale projects as well as larger residential developments and infrastructure schemes.

Our experts use industry-leading software to create three-dimensional digital models for every stage of a building’s lifecycle – from planning and design, to management, maintenance and demolition. BIM is an important tool in renovation schemes too, including those involving the sensitive restoration of historic buildings.

Working to the globally-recognised Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) standard, our BIM specialists produce 3D data models, which are shared with the design team in a ‘common data environment’ (CDE). The data-rich BIM designs include all the information your project manager and contractors need to work as efficiently as possible. Our other services include:

  • BIM execution plans (pre and post-contract)
  • Employer information requirements if sub-contracting work to specialists
  • Project implementation plans
  • IT and resource assessments

This collaborative approach allows professionals work on plans concurrently, providing real-time updates of any changes to ensure budgets and deadlines are met. They can also identify any potential problems that could arise during the building’s lifecycle, including safety risks.

We advise both clients and design colleagues on the BIM process to ensure everyone is working consistently and to the same high standards.

Take a look at some of the BIM projects that Farrow Walsh has been part of.

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